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    Download our inventory and email/call us to get the diamonds or jewelry you want!

    Why House of Diamonds?

    We use artificial intelligence to provide the best diamond prices to our customers. We guarantee the best quality, customer service, and wholesale prices to all our customers. On top of that, we guide you throughout your diamond buying process whether you buy from us or not.

  • Sell Your Diamond Jewelry to Us For YOUR Best Price!


    Contact Us

    Email us a picture of your diamond jewelry and GIA certificate with an estimated price you want for your jewelry.


    Ship the Jewelry

    If interested in considering your jewelry, we will reply back the same day, giving you an estimated price for your jewelry. Pending your approval, we will send you a Fedex Label to ship your jewelry to us.


    Final Quote

    After checking the diamond and jewelry, we will give you a final price we can buy your jewelry for and give you same-day payment pending your approval.

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